Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don We Now Our Internal Struggles

Christmas is a highly decorated holiday at our house. Amidst the lights and various trinkets, we have several Nativity sets. Yesterday before work my mom had me set them up, and as usual I was torn between aesthetics and historical accuracy. I want them to look nice and have everyone gathered around the Baby Jesus, smiling and adoring, but deep inside I know that the Wise Men did not make it the night that He was born. When I was younger and had more room on the mantle in my parents' room (in our old house) I would actually separate the wise men from the rest of the scene, but now we put the sets on a table and there's no room for such liberties in decorating.
I do love Nativity sets though. We have this really old set that belonged to my grandmother. It's ceramic and has each of the pieces in little decades-old boxes that have labels to identify them. The labels even have the names of the wise men on them. Way cool.

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