Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I did today

I've decided to bypass all of the events in my recent past and move forward to blog. I went to Disneyland/California over Spring Break and had a simply fabulous time.

I have two stories to share today.

Story One: I was sitting in my first class today when I heard a suspicious groan. I looked across the classroom just in time to witness one of my classmates pass out and keel over in her chair. There was a moment when everyone froze, but after that the class jumped into action. The students sitting next to her got her out of her chair and onto the ground. The professor ran to the office for help while another student called 911. When Dr. McCuskey returned to the classroom, he dismissed us...and we left. I later found out that an ambulance came to pick her up. I also received an e-mail from our professor letting everyone know that the girl is ok.

Story Two: I noticed at work today that our ultrasonic jewelry cleaner was disgustingly gross. The water was so murky that I couldn't see to the bottom. Yuck. Rather than resorting to my usual kindly but generally ineffective notes to my supervisor, I decided to hype up the drama in hopes that it would catch the attention of the department supervisor. I wrote a note that sounded a little like this:

Dear Jayne,
There is a crisis at hand in the Jewelry department, the effects of which are lowered morale and physical ailment to all those to gaze at the terror. Please check your e-mail for an incriminating photo of the offending party (the origin of this photo is a mystery to me, as I am mystified as to how this photo came into being). Please help us, Jayne! You are our only hope.
Sincerely, A Concerned Jewelry Associate

This is the picture that I sent to Jayne's e-mail:

As you can see, it is rather upsetting. A note for those of you who don't work at JCP: the reason I said that the picture was a mystery is because we're really not supposed to have our cell phones on the floor...but this picture was taken with a cell phone. A couple of co-workers/friends told me that Jayne would obviously know it was me, but that's not really the point. I'm hoping that by going over the top, Jayne will remember to clean the ultrasonic machine....that or maybe she'll see this blog post. Hmmm.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ok, this week has been super crazy with school and I haven't been able to blog about the exciting events of my life. Here's a quick recap:

-I officially sold the Deathcab to Heather and starting driving the Sable
-My new niece was born!
-My dog did something funny and I decided to blog about how he likes to sleep on my bed
-I wrote an essay on Poe and The Uncanny and felt like discussing how I come up with essay titles

I'm still planning (or at least hoping) to give each of these their own posts, but I wanted to fill you all in for the few of you out there (if you even exist) who hang on my every blogged word.