Friday, December 25, 2009

Dang, That Mouse Scared Santa Off!

This year's Christmas Eve was a bit...different. Usually Christmas Eve is a time of joy and happiness, which it was, but there was a bit of an edge. This year, instead of giggling, we were screaming, and instead of staying awake because of excitement we were awake because we were scared. We were visited by a mouse last night.
Early in the evening, my brother saw the mouse but my dad told him not to say anything, knowing that we womenfolk would be terrified. Later, my mom and sister-in law saw the mouse on the counter (!!!) when they went up into the kitchen. I would like to mention that I have very few fears worse than mice. I really think that I have a phobia because my fear of mice in my house is both irrational and acute. It's hard to describe the paralyzing fear that overtakes me when there is a mouse in the house, but I think that saying that I wore my snow boots for the rest of the night and threw things into rooms before entering them begins to paint a picture.
Heather and I still had wrapping to do, so we planned to barricade ourselves in her room, wrap presents, and sleep on her bed. I refused to sleep in my bed because my covers touch the ground and the mouse could very easily climb up onto my bed. We had just gotten into Heather's room when I looked down at the vent and saw the mouse come out of it!!! It was small, but still scared the heck out of me, so I screamed and run out of the room and down a flight of stairs. Heather had jumped onto her bed and was yelling for help. We tried to remedy the situation by taping the vent shut and tucking a towel into the bottom, but soon after that I heard Heather screaming again. The mouse has jumped, yes JUMPED, over the towel and into the corner. We decided to take everything out of Heather's room and sleep on the hide-a-bed down in the family room. We tried to make quick trips, but we couldn't find everything and ended up wrapping presents with packing and masking tape. Eventually, we were able to settle into a few hours of fitful sleep.

In the morning, we woke up at 8 (probably because we didn't sleep well) and went to wake up our parents. Since we slept in the family room, with the Christmas tree, "Santa" was unable to bring out our presents and we had to transport our own downstairs. The rest of the day was pretty good, though I was obliged to wear my snow boots for the duration. After Christmas breakfast, my dad went on a quest to buy a mouse trap to rid our family of this tiny furred menace. To our great dismay, no stores were open and he was unable to procure the necessary tools of attack. My mother, seeing my great stress and exhaustion, decided that we should go on our own quest. We searched several gas stations before I realized that we were approaching the neighborhood of Amanda, one of my best friends. I decided to ask her if she had a mouse trap, and she did! Apparently, the trap had been given to her family as a gift of sorts. Observe, our salvation:
We have placed the trap on the counter where the mouse was first sighted by my family members. I know that this sounds...exceedingly gross, but we REALLY want to catch this mouse. I really don't want to sleep on the hide-a-bed again tonight.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don We Now Our Internal Struggles

Christmas is a highly decorated holiday at our house. Amidst the lights and various trinkets, we have several Nativity sets. Yesterday before work my mom had me set them up, and as usual I was torn between aesthetics and historical accuracy. I want them to look nice and have everyone gathered around the Baby Jesus, smiling and adoring, but deep inside I know that the Wise Men did not make it the night that He was born. When I was younger and had more room on the mantle in my parents' room (in our old house) I would actually separate the wise men from the rest of the scene, but now we put the sets on a table and there's no room for such liberties in decorating.
I do love Nativity sets though. We have this really old set that belonged to my grandmother. It's ceramic and has each of the pieces in little decades-old boxes that have labels to identify them. The labels even have the names of the wise men on them. Way cool.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"You are Secretly Funny": My Review of "The Princess and the Frog"

I just realized that I titled this post the same way I title my English essays. Sad... Moving on. I absolutely loved "The Princess and the Frog". I went today with my brother's family to see this film because my 3 - almost 4- year old niece is absolutely obsessed with Princess Tiana, even though she had yet to see the movie.

I knew, going into the movie, that Tiana would be a different kind of princess, apart from the fact that she's African-American. Tiana is a girl who has worked for what she wants in the real world. She a no-nonsense girl who doesn't really have time for fun - but she does have a killer soul voice inside of her. She is fabulous, and of course learns her lesson in the end and lives happily ever after.

Can we talk about the prince now? I would like to submit that there has not been such a dreamy male cartoon since Dimitri in "Anastasia" (come on, ladies, you know what I'm talking about). Plus, he plays a mean ukulele, and that accent? Be still my sheltered Utah heart! (Let's face it, there's an extreme lack of hunky accents here). He also has a charming cockiness that makes all the cloche-wearing gals swoon. Love it.

A word of caution: the voodoo scenes get a little intense, involving some creepy shadow demons. My sister-in law had to cover my niece's eyes a few times. Beware.

Generally, I loved this movie. The music was great, and the frog romance...well I don't see how anyone could get enough of that. You should probably go see this movie and become a fan of the latest Disney princess.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lions and Debit Cards and Finals

Oh my.

Actually, the debit card story comes first, chronologically, but then I wouldn't have had the awesome Wizard of Oz reference. Friday I went to the ATM to get some cash, and when I went to get gas later that day I discovered that I had left my debit card in the ATM. Mentally sputtering a variety of Mormon expletives, I realized that I wouldn't be able to search for the card until later, having made a previous engagement to pick up my dear friend Amanda to see "A Christmas Story" at the Dansante (which, PS, was awesome!). After the movie I commenced in my search for the missing card. First, fretting over my near-empty gas tank, I was obliged to borrow my mother's credit card to get some gas. Then I drove to the ATM to discover my transaction receipt on the ground, which, I was sure, meant someone had driven off with my card and was at that moment making dozens of fraudulent purchases. I went to nearby businesses, looking for my card in case some honest and kind soul had turned it in, but to no avail. I tried to call an 800 number that I found on the website, but it asked for some phone code, which I didn't have. After a stressful night, the ending is somewhat anti-climactic. As it turns out, an ATM will destroy all cards that are not pulled out of the machine, so all I have to do is order a new card...

Story 2: Saturday morning, my mom texted me to inform me of a recorded message from 911 dispatch, saying that there had been several reports of a mountain lion in our area. Those of you who know where I live know that this is a near impossibility, so you understand my surprise and concern - especially where my dog is concerned. Anyway, we finally figured that we got the call because we used to live on the Island, much closer to the mountains, and have the same number, but it was very confusing for a few hours.

Finally, finals. I can't believe that the semester is actually over. I took my history final this morning and wrote a lovely essay about the Crusades that I feel will give me a good grade. I also need to run my Dreamweaver project up today, and then I have an online final, a final on Wednesday, and a paper revision for the same class as the Wednesday final. Then I am free! From school anyway, and I can enjoy almost a month of Christmas vacation. Awesome.