Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Boys: One Rough Week

Dear Boys is back! These little notes represent a really rough week, boys-wise. Because some weeks are just like that. It's cool, though. Other things happened in the last week that were awesome. I'm getting better at foosball at work and played a couple of excellent games. Also, the weather's been a bit nicer, which is excellent. So don't you go worrying about me :)

Dear Tiresias,

How random that I ran into you in the way that I did. Also, my friend says you're weird now. Of course, you may have just been weird back then but I didn't see it. Hmmm...


Dear George,

Oh. My. Gosh. Um, I hope you find a nice girl someday. And I'm sure you didn't mean to be creepy. Bless your heart? Also, the third time I told the full story of our time together, you had a Brooklyn accent. It was a good time.

A Little Shell-Shocked

Dear Sherman,

I'm officially done. Because you obviously don't care and I'm tired of getting nowhere. I still think you're very nice :)

Movin' On and Feelin' Strong

Dear Chuckles,

I do feel a little bad about turning you down, but it's not meant to be. Um, it also may not be meant to be with my friend either. Sorry, dude.

Different Sense of Humour

Dear Mariachi,

Remember how I liked you, but now I don't. Well, my friend likes you, and you're not being very cool. And not very thoughtful. So you should work on that, because she's awesome.



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