Friday, February 19, 2016

As I Lay Dying...or while I'm just sick.

I've been sick this week, and since I know you all need more insight into the hurtling cars on my train of thought, I present to you...


Day One

~I never should have knocked on particle board. Always knock on actual wood!
~My stomach cannot handle much more of this girl's talk about cancer and surgeries that leave holes in people's heads.
~I feel like I'm always having to buy more Nyquil. I don't finish the bottle, but by the time I'm sick again, it's expired. I would get married just to have someone to use up the rest of the Nyquil.

Day Two

~Eat something more than a rice cake before taking a 12 hour Sudafed, lest you start tripping out at work.
~My tongue feels funny.
~Cheap toilet paper is no friend to a tender nose.
~The "Champagne of Dairy"?! What have I gotten myself into? Maceys, where is my normal brand of Peru-style drinkable yogurt?

~Star Wars is the cure for the common cold, right?
~Dear Lemon-Lime Gatorade,
Thank you for your gentle flavor and lack of red dye. I wouldn't want to tempt a migraine when I'm already miserable.
A Delicate Flower
~A New Hope didn't work. Maybe The Empire Strikes Back will have better luck...
~Here's hoping I don't get sick enough to start mumbling things about the Dagobah system.

Day Three

~"Is that my voice? Is that my voice?"
~I'm feeling better today, so clearly Star Wars had an effect. Better watch Return of the Jedi to make sure.

Day Four

~I wonder what life is like for people who aren't trying to pop their ears every thirty seconds.

And on day five, I had mostly recovered. And so ends the regaling of my odd thoughts while ill.

Thanks for reading.

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