Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Reunion: Part One

Due to my work schedule this week, I'll be experiencing my family reunion in two parts. For those of you not familiar with the Harrison family reunion, I will explain. The reunion takes place over the span of a week. My family usually goes on Monday and stays until Sunday. Other families come up later in the week, and some people, such as myself, come up here and there when they can. This works really well when the reunion is close, like this year.

My plan was to go up Monday afternoon after work and come back Tuesday morning so I could go to work, but my brother (Bret) isn't a huge fan of camping or something like that, so he asked if I wouldn't mind going home that night and I agreed, because it meant I could make him drive.

We followed my parents, who were driving the truck and pulling our trailer. The trouble began, however, shortly before we reached Tony Grove. Bret and I saw Dad pull the truck to the side of the road, smoke billowing from the engine. It appeared that the truck had overheated, and we were forced to leave it on the side of the road and travel on to our location in hopes that we could get my uncle, Max, to pull the trailer the rest of the way up. This was done, and Dad and Bret took the truck back to Logan, where the mechanic said that there was an obstruction of some sort in the cooling system.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Max and my cousin, Paul, helped us get our trailer level and stable, and my Mom and decided we needed to get our hands dirty (literally) and set up camp. After setting up, we went on a stroll to visit the few families that had come up the first day, and waited for Dad and Bret (and Sherlock, my brother's dog) to return.

Later that night, after the men returned and we'd had a delicious dinner, we gathered with some members of my extended family to chat around the fire. Bret and Sherlock had walked off a bit, and suddenly Bret yelled that he saw a moose! Now, some of you know that I've been wanting to see a moose for a good long while, so you can feel my excitement. I ran over by Bret to see....a dark spot on the hill on the other side of a ravine of sorts. My parents came over and wondered if maybe it was a cow or horse, but apparently my dad soon saw antlers and my mom agreed that the head looked like a moose. I had to take their word for it, sadly, because I didn't see any of those things.

There is still hope for moose, though. My cousin, Jake, said that he had seen a total of four moose yesterday, so I'm still hoping I can see one. I'll be back Friday and Saturday for more Harrison family fun, including dutch oven cobbler night and the big Saturday morning breakfast.


Jared and Rachel said...

Hurrah for the reunion - so sad to hear about your dad's truck though. Make sure you eat some cobbler for me and say hi to everyone for us! Wish we could be there!!!

Michelle said...

I wish you could be there, too! It was so great seeing you guys at Terrah's wedding. I'll be sure to tell everyone hi and eat plenty of cobbler for you :)