Monday, August 25, 2014

Disneyland: Days One and Two

Having finished telling the tale of Peru, I've got a lot of catching up to do! I thought I'd move on to our family Disneyland trip. It was a really great trip, despite the sad absence of my younger siblings, Bret and Heather.

We decided it would be better to drive than fly, so we rented a seven person van. Road trip! We stayed halfway in Mesquite, making a few stops on the way. We discovered, somehow, that the old state capital building could be visited in Fillmore, so we stopped and took a tour. 

Only part of the original state capital building was actually built. This was just one wing.

After that, we drove on to St George, where the public swimming pool awaited us. They had a regular pool, a kiddie pool, a lazy river (which was a little too strong of a current, I felt. I kept getting pushed into strange positions and had to swim anyway to stay properly above water), and a big water slide. My brother and dad talked me into going down the slide, which I usually avoid because I don't like water in my face. It was fun going down, but despite my best efforts I still ended up with water up my nose. Not so fun.

 On the way out of town, we went to the temple and walked around. I'd never been to the St George temple, so I really enjoyed seeing it and taking pictures.

The rest of the road trip was fairly uneventful, though I do remember vividly how hot it was, even when we left in the morning. So hot! We ate in the very smoky casino at the hotel we stayed at (the smoke especially bothered Kyra - well, the smoke and the smoking - and I didn't appreciate it much either), and I took this adorable picture of Kyra and Tayva in the restaurant. 

Our first night in California, we went to Medieval Times, which is a dinner show. You eat a medieval meal (chicken, ribs, etc.) with your hands and watch knights ride and fight on horses. The stadium is divided into sections to support each of the knights in the show. It's really quite the experience. 

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